Human Reconnaissance

The digital era and rapid growth of online communities and social platforms have revolutionised how we communicate and share information but introduced a new level of threat to organisations that didn’t exist just a few years ago.

New forums and communities that exist on the surface, deep and dark web have granted easy access for individuals to trade data and information often undetected until it’s too late.

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Human Reconnaissance

Human Reconnaissance (Human Recon) is a unique service that profiles an individual’s digital footprint using open source, deep web and dark web intelligence to identify online behaviour traits that could be a threat to your organisation.

Has one of your critical stakeholders been compromised?

Are they actively trading your data on the dark web?

Does your next hire’s behaviour meet your values and policies?

Is there a live event and pending threat you are unaware of?

Using a range of unique data points, our Human Reconnaissance experts can provide you with an entire digital profile on an individual including; social media profile, interactions with online forums, personal information posted publicly and compromised account information.

This new level of insight is helping organisations reduce their risk profile and exposure to unplanned costs and reputational damage, by alerting them to behaviours from individuals that may be knowingly or unknowingly compromising the organisation.

Human Reconnaissance is that extra level of insight and protection that complements our group cyber strategy. Previously this type of threat was a known unknown; we know we are a target like everyone else but had zero chance of preventing the event. We knew about it during and afterwards once the damage was done. This peace of mind helps us sleep a little easier at night knowing that we have done our due diligence and reduced the insider threat and know more about the people that operate in and around our company.

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Building the business case for Human Reconnaissance

Organisations are deploying our Human Reconnaissance experts to achieve the following:

Identify individuals pursuing criminal or fraudulent activity on the dark web.

Identify individuals that may have been compromised online and on social media.

Perform due diligence on potential hires and strategic partners.

Perform due diligence during merger and acquisition activity.

Explaining a Typical Human
Reconnaissance Engagement

Stage One

Multi Surface Collection

Research to identify evidence of activity that requires
further investigation.

Surface Web

Social media, blogs, government records, business involvement and news platforms Publicly available information available via mainstream browsers.

Deep Web

Information not indexed by search engines that can’t be read by conventional technology. Information on individuals is located here but not easily accessible.

Dark Web

Accessed by anonymised methods (TOR).
Often used for criminal activities.

Stage Two

Geography, Tangibility & Relationships

Identifying patterns of behaviour and relationships between data points, and data validation to eliminate false positives.

Information and visual on real-world locations of interest including workplace, home, common meetup spaces

Full evaluation of relationships between the raw data collected in stage one and two

Data and insight validation using multiple sources of information

Stage Three


Comprehensive reporting with methods and hypothesis explained with narrative that gives you a clear picture of the situation.

Detailed report with data visualisation and key findings

Debrief session face to face or via conference facilities as required.

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