To know your enemy you must become your enemy

Reputational damage and data breaches can have disastrous effects on your business – Continuous Breach Detection Service (CBDS) platform continuously monitors the dark web, dumps on public sites, and thousands of other locations, looking for your data appearing outside your organisation, ensuring you stay one step ahead of the attacker.

  • The house is being monitored for break-ins, but what if the keys are lying on the pavement outside?

  • CBDS notifies you if your data is being shared on the darknet/deep web

  • CyberQ Groups CBDS protects you 24/7, letting you know immediately if data has been leaked, credentials have been stolen or your organisation’s details are for sale on the darknet/deep web

CyberQ Group’s CBDS constantly monitors the neighbourhood, including what’s being said about your company elsewhere on the internet and the darknet/deep web, so you know immediately if account details are being shared, your data has been stolen, and your organisation has been compromised. – BE PREPARED!


  • Real time threat intelligence information

  • Anti-phishing monitoring

  • Senior executive staff profiling for brand/reputation issues

  • Industrial/corporate espionage threat map

  • Fake domain registration detection

  • Instant alerts for hacked accounts and data leakage on public sites