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Metis Cyber A.I is a force multiplier for under-staffed security teams needing to respond faster and more effectively to cyber threats.

Metis perceives its environment well enough to identify events and take action against a predefined purpose. It is particularly good at recognising patterns and anomalies within them, which makes it an excellent tool to detect threats.

A selection of questions you could ask Metis:

  • “How secure is my organisation?”

  • “What are my biggest risks, and how can I mitigate them?”

  • “What vulnerabilities are there for my critical assets?”

  • “What are the weak points of our cyber security?”

  • “Show the latest attacks against my organisation”

  • “Show me how compliant we are with the NIST framework”

CyberQ Group’s Metis Cyber A.I allows you to have live access to intelligence relating to your organisation on multiple platforms and devices. Metis gets smarter the more you use and incorporate it within the organisation’s network. Metis is capable of intelligently making a connection between events to give you inside into the data flow both inside and outside your organisation like never before.


  • Real time threat intelligence information

  • Built to be used by a wide range of user types.

  • Always available on multiple platforms and devices.

  • Machine learning and A.I for continuous improvement.

  • Cost saving and rapid deployment.

  • Improve employee productivity.