CyberQ Group, an award-winning cyber innovator, announced today they have signed a partnership with Jazz Networks. CyberQ Group, a UK-based innovative cybersecurity services provider with offices in Europe, South Africa and Asia. The partnership will accelerate the adoption of Jazz Networks innovative technology across these geographies.

Security services providers serve a critical role in helping companies address the ever-evolving threat landscape. Customers of CyberQ Group rely on the company’s expertise when determining which tools are best amidst many similar-sounding cybersecurity vendors.

These customers can have confidence that the Jazz Networks platform has been rigorously vetted as a technology that can dramatically strengthen their security posture:

  • A trusted advisor: CyberQ Group helps its clients select the right mix of cybersecurity solutions, services and products, to improve overall business resilience and operate more successfully in an increasingly connected world.
  • A recognised innovator: CyberQ Group clients will now have access to Jazz Networks leading-edge technology, which has been recognised for the past two consecutive years.
  • Focused on what matters: CyberQ Group clients will be able to focus on threats that really matter rather than flooding dashboards with false positives. Jazz Networks raise alerts based on award-winning machine learning, ensuring the platform highlights only information that is relevant to the operator.


“Cybersecurity is a global issue that only grows more challenging as cyber threat actors devise more sophisticated attacks. Jazz Networks was designed to work across any network environment, regardless of the attack vectors or techniques, because it automatically identifies the core of the underlying behaviour to an adversary’s mission. We are excited to partner with the award-winning cyber innovator, CyberQ Group and leverage their vast experience and expertise to open new markets,” said Hani Mustafa, CEO, Jazz Networks.


Chris Woods, Founder and CEO of CyberQ Group, said: “As an international award-winning services provider, we have many clients with sophisticated requirements. We are always looking for revolutionary cybersecurity solutions to enhance our existing Advanced Security Operation Centre and our partnership with Jazz Networks further enables that goal. Our clients will now have access to Jazz Networks cutting-edge technology in order to monitor and protect their network, and our experts will ensure a smooth integration into their existing security stack to protect against sophisticated threats.”


About Jazz Networks

Jazz Networks is a cybersecurity platform that simplifies insider threat detection and breach prevention. The platform automates employee training the instant they make a mistake, applies policies while data is in motion to prevent data loss, and provides the fastest threat hunting and forensic capabilities for investigations. Founded in 2016, Jazz Networks has more than 100 employees with offices in Oslo, London, and New York.


About CyberQ Group

CyberQ Group is an award-winning UK-based cybersecurity services provider and innovator with a global reach, having a network of cyber experts in Europe, South Africa and Asia. The core team consists of highly experienced cyber and risk professionals who are experts in the subject matter, assisting clients in selecting the right mix of cybersecurity solutions and services to improve overall business & cyber resilience.