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The modern security organisation is tasked to fight threats in realtime, proactively thwarting security incidents. They are ensuring the physical and digital integrity of the company and those affiliated with it while expecting to do more.

Most security leaders would like to achieve this security maturity level by implementing several “state-of-the-art” next-generation cybersecurity technology. However, different teams or departments within these organisations work in silos using disparate tools, nonrelated tools that prevent end-to-end threat visibility.

In addition, new technology often creates more work and alerts, averting organisations from reacting to security incidents promptly. Therefore, there needs to be a balance between these technologies and the cybersecurity professionals tasked to utilise them and processes to ensure cohesive, well-oiled machinery is taking care of all facets of security monitoring.

At CyberQ Group, we solve these challenges with our Cyber Fusion Service.

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Internal and External Collective Defense

Break the silos between different security teams and functions within an organisation, reduce overlapping efforts, improve threats’ visibility, and expand intel reporting and response.

Technology Agnostic Strategy

Our Cyber Fusion Service integrates with 250+ security tools, including but not limited to EDRs, SIEMs, Firewalls, and other detection and response related solutions. It brings different facets of collaboration (machine-to-machine, machine-to-human and humanto- human) together through the balance of people, processes and technology.

Cyber Fusion lets you focus on your business by enabling endto- end threat visibility. A single pane of glass connects the dots and allows us to look at the bigger picture instead of focusing on single alerts. We augment your existing security tools, creating a streamlined process from threat intelligence to alerting and extending the capability to a response by remediating these threats and making use of existing technologies within your organisation, proving more return on investments for these solutions.

Cyber Fusion Service is the next-gen security monitoring service

The Cyber Fusion Service combines threat intelligence, situational awareness, and Incident Response with Next- Gen SOAR technology to deliver a security-driven digital transformation. Implementing efficient and effective security operations in your organisations.

24/7 Protection

With our global ‘follow-the-sun’ team of cyber professionals, we proactively protect, detect and remediate risks.

Better Threat Management

Get instant access to the latest advancements of a centralised global intelligence lead service that is designed to detect and mitigate threats before they have an impact.

Solid ROI

Our intelligence-led Cyber Fusion Service is the first line of defence, growing revenue by increasing stakeholder trust, maintaining business’ reputation, and increasing and retaining customers.

Data Security & Compliance

Enhance the security of your critical assets and meet regulatory requirements with 24/7 monitoring, vulnerability management and incident response.

Build versus Partnership

  • CyberQ Group’s Cyber Fusion Service combines people, process and technology to provide actionable security intelligence without the cost, complexity and workforce required when building an inhouse SOC.
  • We work as an extension of your existing team to provide a ‘follow the sun’ service.
  • Take advantage of our robust onboarding process that gets the service up and running within days not weeks.
  • Get immediate access to our investment in skilled cyber professionals to manage your security effectively.
  • Avoid the overall capital and operational costs required to set up and run an inhouse SOC.
  • Utilise our 200 years’ combined industry experience of working collaboratively with multi-sector organisations.
  • We focus on your security so you can focus on growing your business.

How it Works

The CyberQ Group Cyber Fusion Service brings together the people, process and technology to continually protect both digital data and physical assets, by routinely monitoring and analysing your organisation’s security posture.


  • Monitor activities on both cloud and on-prem infrastructure including databases, servers, websites, endpoints, and web applications for potential risks.
  • By feeding into our extensive pool of threat intelligence feeds, our global team of cyber professionals stay on top of the latest external and internal threats.
  • Our extensive framework of detection, analysis and playbook of responses allows us to respond in realtime to cyber attacks.
  • Utilise our established set of sector tailored techniques such as compliance compatibility, threat detection and dark web intelligence to improve cyber maturity of an organisation.
  • A holistic infrastructure view, combined with our mature enrichment feeds, provides organisations with insights into the latest cyber threats and remediation techniques.
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