Current or potential employees can pose a risk to your business and company reputation.

Human Reconnaissance [Human Recon] provides a digital footprint of the employee using open source, deep web and dark web information to provide you with the insight to make the right decision.

  • Provide a full Digital footprint including behaviour and personality traits.

  • Criminal / Fraud activity using the Dark Web.

  • Identifies vulnerabilities exposed against the individual on social media.

CyberQ Group’s Human Recon Team has the sole mission to reach into and across all the surfaces including the dark web to find you all relevant data like breach information and account compromise. Which can assist your organisation to make the right DECISION at the right TIME.

Human Recon Provides:

  • Full Digital Footprint report on the individual.

  • Real-time monitoring of the employee behaviour on the open source intelligence and also Dark Web.

  • Identifies previous relationships with companies and business through directorship or NEDs [Non-Executive Director]

  • Provides previous breach information if this individual has had accounts taken over.