Corporate Social Responsibility

The Philippines is important to our company and giving back to the community is a priority for us.

Our capability in the Philippines helps our clients become Cyber Resilient. We believe in helping the country to be more resilient. We champion equality and sustainability when doing business and supporting the education of the future generation. We partner with reliable, genuine institutions in the Philippines to help us in our efforts.

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At CyberQ Group, we believe in equal opportunities for all. Therefore, we do not discriminate against race or colour. CyberQ Group's employment policies do not consider the candidate’s age, sexual
orientation, disability, or genetic information. We only consider the candidate’s professional background, experience and merits accordingly. CyberQ Group’s policy is considered at all levels within the company and across the globe where CyberQ Group is present.


CyberQ Group is operating with sustainability in mind. Climate change is a global issue and CyberQ
Group takes it seriously. We do this by committing a percentage of our profits to climate-positive
initiatives that we back and administer, from planting trees to offset our carbon and soil improvement
programs to longer-term carbon capture programs in blue carbon initiatives. Our goal is to build a
sustainable climate-positive business and ensure our suppliers and partners are doing the same. Being
climate positive is very important to us, we view our planet’s health as critical to our wellbeing.

CyberQ Group has purchased carbon credits to make sure we are offsetting our own company’s carbon
footprint. This is an important step we take to help our environment while helping our world be more
Cyber Resilient.



Education is important at CyberQ Group, and we want to make an impact in developing not just
Cyber Security professionals of the future but the future leaders. We also want to
help different educational institutions in modernizing their facilities to equip them better to handle
the technology requirements modern educational methods both in the Philippines and the UK.

We recently donated towards the purchasing of IT equipment for St. Peter’s School.

We sponsor the Solihull Little League team.


We are also partnering with an organisation in the Philippines that are championing the education and
participation of women in Cyber Security. As an organisation that has more than 50% of women in its
operations, this is important to us, and we would like to champion the participation of more women in
the industry. Key initiatives are educational sessions aimed to inform on different aspects of Cyber
Security including exchange programs for executives to give them more exposure to different industries
while evolving their cyber security knowledge.


Philippines and our People

We encourage our employees to take an active role in their communities
to become agents of positive change. We encourage them to use their voices and to
volunteer their time to make a difference on issues that matter to them the most.


Building Better Community

We support organisations in the Philippines that help the country
alleviate poverty by building sustainable dwellings for families. This allows them to be in a safer
environment that they can be proud of while allowing them to help others within their communities. We
encourage our employees to participate in building housing and be part of the community to help
them feel grounded, thankful and proud of the help and assistance they provide.

We believe in helping in our own backyard

We support the education of future Cyber professionals