Wouldn’t you like to know if there were any clones of you out there?

One of the quickest and easiest technique used by your competitors or would be attackers is to clone your website, so when your customers, clients or employees visit the site, they are fooled into either giving up sensitive data or purchasing services or products from them instead of you.

  • Shouldn’t you know if someone is pretending to be you out there on the world wide web?

  • Continuous Clone Detection Service notifies you if your IP or copyright infringement information is being cloned on the internet.

  • Get detailed information on any clone detections and what you can do about them.

CyberQ Group’s Continuous Clone Detection Service constantly monitors the internet for any intellectual property or copyright violation, so you know immediately if of your organisations sensitive or valuable data details are being shared, stolen, or cloned. – DON’T BE CLONED!


  • Clone & intellectual property monitoring

  • Weekly clone and IP detection reports

  • Website takedown & blacklisting advice

  • Industrial/corporate espionage monitoring

  • Legal assistance provided through our partners.

  • Custom reports for both C suite & technical personnel.