Cloud Security

Take control of your multi-cloud environment with streamlined visibility, compliance and automation.

The largest percentage of successful attacks on cloud services are due to customer misconfigurations and poor management. Today’s organisations are faced with managing a myriad of cloud and platform services, creating a new frontier of complexity and unmanaged risk.

With thousands of servers going on-and–off line, looming compliance regulations and disparate system policies, administrators need streamlined visibility, control and automation across all cloud assets.

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Cloud Security Services

Our range of cyber security services have been specially adapted to keep your cloud infrastructure protected. We work closely with you to ensure security is integrated at the foundations, so you can benefit from the significant advantages of a managed cloud security solution.

Authentication Monitoring

Monitors users prior to being granted authenticated access to your cloud environment to perform management activities, report faults or request changes to the service.

Enhanced Data Security

Robust measures provide extra protection to your confidential business information and transactions by preventing threat actors from entering your cloud environment.

Regulatory Compliance

Improves reporting and auditing capture to manage and maintain regulatory compliance, as well as demonstrating your commitment to keeping business data protected.

Support & Flexibility

SOC monitoring provides 24/7 live monitoring and support, 365 days of the year, and can be scaled to your requirements to reduce costs and adapt with your organisation.

“We brought CyberQ Group in to guide our clients on their cyber security journey. CyberQ Groups’ sense of understanding, care, and expertise is undoubtedly why we will continue using them. Their communication and input is invaluable! We can focus on what we do best, while knowing our clients are well looked after.”

Lucy Weedon, XMA

A Typical Cloud Security Engagement

Whatever the level of your existing cloud security, our cloud security services can be deployed at any stage to suit the needs of your organisation.

Cloud Ready Security Assessment

Focusing on your people and processes we gain a clear understanding of your security maturity, including how the people within your business use IT.

Our security professionals align to the measures set in industry compliance standards to discover what is required to protect your organisation and data from cyber attack vectors.

Defence in Depth

Key Cloud Controls

Technology Best Practices

Organisational Processes

Cloud Security Scanner

Identify vulnerabilities and compliance misconfigurations. CloudGuard security checkup is a proactive assessment tool that identifies security risks on your public cloud environments.

This self-guided assessment tool will supply you with:

A full security report auditing over 100 compliance checks and configurations within your public cloud instance

Comprehensive network assessment to find misconfigurations, along with best practices for remediation

Complete inventory of assets report

Prioritisation of failed tests by severity

Cloud Security Services

Once we understand your security posture, our suite of consultancy and retained services have been adapted to keep your cloud environment secure.

Our streamlined and intelligent automation capabilities deliver better quality intelligence, improve efficiency and enhance incident response.

Security Operations Center/Manage, Detect & Response (MDR)

Continuous Breach Detection Service

Posture Management

Emergency Readiness & Incident Response

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