Continuous Breach Detection Service

Get a complete external digital footprint of what sits outside your organisation that could be exploited by adversaries.

Our Continuous Breach Detection Service (CBDS) monitors the external environment and gives you a unique line of sight of your online presence. By monitoring the surface, deep and dark web we listen for what’s being said about your organisation from outside and within; Are your account details being shared on the dark web? Is your intellectual property (IP) or data at risk? Is your brand being misused without your knowledge? We help you evaluate potential threats so you can prioritise and co-ordinate your resources more effectively.

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Building the business case for CBDS

Introduce threat intelligence gathering and evaluation in your organisation

Monitor your brand for misuse and tackle infringements

Learn if accounts are being compromised and data leaked to publicly available websites

Avoid reputational damage with senior executives profiling to detect potential vulnerabilities

Monitor for industrial/corporate espionage and intellectual property theft

All large retailers face similar challenges including payments and customer data management and monitoring for brand misuse online. CyberQ Group's Continuous Breach Detection Service is a proactive early warning system, alerting us to suspicious activity and helping our teams prioritise resource to investigate potential threats from outside the organisation and within.

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Download the Continuous Breach Detection Service lite report

Would you like to know about the external digital footprint that sits outside your organisation and could be exploited by adversaries?

Our Continuous Breach Detection Service (CBDS) monitors the surface, deep and dark web and gives you a unique line of sight of your online presence. Our team of cyber experts will then write an actionable report with insights and recommendations.

Read our sample lite report and see what you could find out about potential threats to your company.


By assessing various risk parameters and threats including analysis and filtering of data from compromised accounts and data leakage, we streamline the detect to response process. Identifying unusual behaviour and understanding what’s normal and what isn’t means we can alert you to actual threats and malicious activity so you can take decisive action before damage occurs.

Providing detailed insights and reports


Dark web/deep web monitoring.


Compromised credentials available on the web and/or dark web.


Mobile applications hosted on websites with a poor reputation.


Social Media monitoring.

What CBDS looks like in your organisation

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We thrive on collaboration as we believe we all need mutual help and inspiration as we strive for cyber resilience. Our cyber experts are highly experienced and certified consultants with numerous cyber-related qualifications including CISSP, CCSP, CCSK, MCSE, and CCNA with international experience and proven track records.

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Continuous Breach Detection Service


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