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Why You Should Never Use Free Wi-Fi!

This is a conversation I find myself having almost every day, and I believe that the message isn’t really sinking in on the dangers of using public or free Wi-Fi. Using these free internet services opens your machine and your organisation to malware, credential theft, data/IP theft, and so much more. I don’t think the […]

Why is domain Squatting a Problem and what to do about it?

Getting a suitable domain for a business website is slowly becoming an impossible task due to an ever-increasing number of domain squatting attacks. Also known as cybersquatting, this practice of domain squatting is a rising concern for businesses worldwide. Already scoring a domain name is quite tricky due to several pre-registered .COM domain names. Domain […]

Not only are businesses at risk of cyberattacks, but individuals are too!

Cybersecurity issues have risen to become a day-to-day struggle for the masses. While businesses and organisations have started to look closely into the matter, personal cybersecurity is neglected. Cyber breach statistics are rising at an alarming rate, and the numbers alone are nothing less than shocking! In 2017 alone, around 17 million UK residents were […]

Threat Intelligence In SOC

Most organisations take up SOC to be their first line of defence. These systems are built with state-of-the-art technology and have a highly dedicated staff that ensures robust cybersecurity within the organisation. The primary purpose of a SOC within an organisation is to employ people, technology, and processes that aim to analyse and improve its […]

Importance of Cloud Access Control – Who Has Access To What

Cloud computing has opened the world to numerous possibilities allowing enterprises to expand and control their network remotely. From updating, sharing to storing information, cloud computing has created a shift in how organisations previously used to handle their information. Cloud computing-based systems necessarily act as an organisation’s confidante by storing every bit of sensitive information […]

Cloud Security Controls

Cloud computing has grown to be a globally accepted concept. However, with that, cloud security threats have emerged to be an ever-growing concern, primarily because organisations in their eagerness to integrate cloud computing, often tend to overlook cybersecurity. There is no denying that privacy and security are some of the biggest concerns for cloud computing. […]

Cloud Computing Threats Organisation Should Consider

Cloud computing offers organisations a secure and smart outlook on business growth and development. It opens gateways for organisations to grow while transforming the way organisations store, use, and share information. However, despite its advantages, its interconnectedness, along with the scope and availability of data, makes it a target of various cyber threats. Specifically, as […]

Cyber attacks on the Legal Sector

Cyber attacks against the legal sector have long since been a matter of concern owing to a large amount of client information and money they retain. This is a particularly grave issue considering the legal sector takes strict client confidence and trust as its foundation. A targeted cyberattack on the legal sector can prove to […]

What is a SOC and why is it important?

Due to the recent global pandemic, the way the world conducts business has changed. The current epidemic has had an immense impact on the ways organisations operate; increased adoption of remote working, increased use of Cloud platforms, SaaS, flexible working patterns, and an agile workforce. And as a result of these changes, there has been […]